Our organic products

 from the heart of the earth

Our organic products, grown in Tuscany, contain medicinal plants and ancient fruit varieties that are directly transformed in our artisan laboratory.
High quality is guaranteed by a perfect blend of research and tradition. 

Our products

Skilful distillation of lavandula angustifolia flowers creates fine ESSENTIAL LAVENDER OIL .

Elder flowers, pomegranate seeds, sea buckthorn berries, black chokeberries,  produce highly healthy JUICES 

A study of ancient recipes has produced HERBAL INFUSIONS, infusions of carefully selected herbal blends in organic agave syrup with special properties that can be diluted to taste in hot or cold water.

Our AROMATIC SALTS with HERBS and MINT are an useful aid in creating naturally tasty dishes.

Our typical Summer fruits - peaches, apricots, plums and pears - are combined with ancient fruit varieties like sea buckthorn, rosehip and black chokeberry to create our great tasting and beneficial EXTRA PRESERVES.

On arrival at Casali Cellini you’ll find a bottle of our organic extra virgin olive oil  and some of our BIO products to welcome you, for a holiday in harmony with nature.