Extra Preserves

our Organic Extra Preserves

are the result of a skilful blend of typical Summer fruit - peaches, plums and apricots - and special ancient fruits with beneficial properties - rosehip and sea buckthorn. These berries are all particularly rich in vitamin C and antioxidants (bioflavonoids), which, as well as helping the body absorb vitamin C, naturally preserve the product with no artificial additives.

The special vacuum-sealed cooking method never exceeds 60°C, thus preserving the colour, flavour and active ingredients of the fruit.

Extra preserve with the flavour of days gone by, made with lots of delicious fruit, organic cane sugar and nothing else.
No pectin, no preservatives, no additives or colouring.
Contents: 220 gr.

The beneficial properties of ancient fruit varieties

6 types of preserves:

> Peach and Rosehip
> Peach and Sea buckthorn

> Plum and Rosehip
> Plum and Sea buckthorn
> Apricot and Rosehip
> Apricot and Sea buckthorn